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August 12, 2016
Pantages in Hollywood
August 20, 2016
Dockweiler Beach
September 2-5, 2016
Snow Valley
Jane Gutierrez
Jane Gutierrez
President, 4 Seasons West
On June 18th, 24 brave souls went searching for the ultimate adventure on the Kern River. This was my third white water rafting trip, but this event topped the others. Our boats did not cruise but dipped, flew, and crashed through level 4 waves that were heart stopping! Our fearless crew ranged from ages 16 through senior level and everyone paddled with a vengeance! Although a few of us fell, our guides were quick to get us back in and back to paddling with a flash! I personally had a fabulous time, and I heard nothing but kudos from the gang. Jamic, you are truly appreciated for making this event fabulous and fun!

Fear not! 4SW still has a great summer of activity waiting for you! We will be having our annual Interclub Picnic in July. In August, our ever popular beach party will occur. Of course, don't forget houseboat during Labor Day weekend! Family and friends, we are still having our Camp and Ride, soon to be announced!

Last and not leaset, 4SW is proud to celebrate our 50th Anniversary and we are going to have a Gala that will be envied far and wide! Tickets are limited so don't forget to purchase yours!

Have a wonderful summer,


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