What have you been doing to enjoy the beauty of this season?
Have you been biking along the beach? Have you been hiking in the
mountains and enjoying the fragrance of the beautiful flowers along the
pathway? What about just sitting down with friends and family in a spacious
park, taking in the sunshine and chomping down on some delicious

If you have not taken out the time to have some fun enjoying life, then fear
not my friends! Four Seasons still have much planned for the rest of the
summer. August 16th is one of our biggest events of the year—the beach
party at Dockweiler Beach. Two weeks later we will be packing a huge
Houseboat at Lake Mead for a weekend in the “Garden of Eden”. We still
have many hikes and some biking trips left to accomplish, not to mention
two plays coming up. And don’t forget, Joe’s famous “bootylicious” ski boot
camps will be starting in September.

Keep an eye out for our “Special Event” wine tasting at September’s Meet
and Greet, as well as our annual Open House in October. Finally, ski season
is just around the corner, with Summit already open and Urban Winterfest to
Mount Bachelor soon to open.

Aug. 16, 2014
10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Join us for a family fun day at the beach. Bring your beach chairs,
blankets, picnic baskets, beach umbrella, WOOD for the bonfire.
Bring jacket for the night-time cool air. Games for the kids. Feel
free to join our POTLUCK table or DONATE $10. Read More

Events Date Location
Bowling TBA (Constant Contact and/ or direct email)
Hiking TBA (Constant Contact and/ or direct email)
Biking TBA (Constant Contact and/ or direct email)
Happy Hours Third friday of each month TBA
Inter-Club Picnic July 12, 2014 Elysian Park Solano Canyon Picnic Area #9
Sunset Beach Party August 16, 2014 Dockweiler Beach, Near life guard station 52
Houseboat 2014 August 29, 2014 -
September 1, 2014
Lake Mead
Camp and Ride October (actual date TBA) Lake Parris