As we travel around performing our daily acts of living, do you notice the days are becoming slightly cooler? Can you see that the sun is setting a little earlier? We are now enjoying the season of autumn, where changes seem to occur more frequently, and the year ends with a big bang! As the season is changing, so is Four Season’s West. Let me tell you about some of the positive happenings.

Four Season’s Service Organization board had a major election on September 16, 2014. Let’s congratulate your new executive officers:
President: Jane Gutierrez
Vice President: Jamic Hamlin
Secretary: Nita Azmar
Treasurer: Beverly Kendrick
Sergeant of Arms: Patrick Holloway

We also have a new board member added to the team: Jackie Bartlow. With this new team in place, we are looking forward to trying new ideas to bring more positive experiences into your life!

Please feel free to let us know of any suggestions that you have improve this wonderful family that we all know as 4SW!