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Greetings from Santori Greece!
by Jane Gutierrez

I had the pleasure of leading a group of 4SW members to Greece, and we all had a fabulous time! Traveling back in time to 4000 BC was awesome to behold. Sitting at a restaurant with a great glass of Greek wine and looking at the backdrop that you see behind me above relieved all stresses in life. So sorry that many of you weren't there! I will be putting some pictures on our Facebook page so keep an eye out!

4SW has been going through many changes this year. We are scaling down with a "less is more" approach. We are also adding "quality VS quantity". Why? One of the reasons is that we need volunteers and teamwork to make this organization work. Less volunteers mean a change in the way things function.

If you do not see your favorite trip on our schedule, it may be because of a lack of a volunteer to coordinate it. We would love to see it work, so why not come and learn how to see your wishes come to fruition?

Our revised winter schedule is here. Look and see you on the mountain!

Warm regards,
From Me to You

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