Did you miss the concert that had me on my feet the whole time? Andre Delano donated a two hour concert on behalf of Parkside EDC and Four Seasons was there in full force! What about kickball Sundays? Have you been at Ladera Park “kickin’ it” with Jamic? What about the picturesque hikes around the city? Just a few days ago our wonderful leader Jeff took the group hiking in downtown LA, showing them that they never pay attention to when rushing through there!

Have you been to any of Nita’s play’s Right now she has three that you may want to check out, especially “Kiss Me Kate” in September. We just had our annual beach party, and Stephanie did it again! She had a gentleman cooking barbecue that was off the chain, and special libations that had me refreshed and relaxed. Kenyada provided us with just the right background music. Many people that I have not seen in quite awhile came out to enjoy, and I had a fantastic time!

Summer is not yet over. Why not come out and relax with us?