How has your winter season been? I just recently attended the National Brother-hood of Skiers Western Region Urban Winter Fest at Mount Bachelor, Oregon. The mountain was beautiful with plenty of snow, and the town of Bend, Oregon was picturesque with plenty of delicious food. Not only was there much to do in town, but the Western Region had a plethora of activities for their REGISTERED partici-pants, with the youth having their own private parties so that their parents could enjoy themselves. There was a Happy Hour and party each night with all of the food that you could eat. There was either unlimited beer and wine or a discount on drinks. On Friday and Saturday, the “Ski with a Bro Pro” program, headed by Dino White, provided free guided lessons on the mountain. During Friday’s Happy Hour, we enjoyed one hour of free tubing which was fast paced fun for adults and chil-dren alike! We enjoyed a fashion show on Friday night. On Saturday, our luncheon voucher provided us with anything we wanted to eat without a price limit! There was a hilarious comedy show and a 70’s theme party afterward. On Sunday we squeezed in some football in between some glorious skiing, and met one last time at the Dogwood Bar in downtown Bend, which was opened exclusively for us! Did I forget to mention the private DJ that we had all weekend long, playing old school and new jams?

One of the highlights during the weekend was the Martin Luther King breakfast and program on Sunday, which highlighted our youth. The program was touching and reflective. Whoever did not register missed a momentous time, as well as the ca-maraderie and networking with people from all over the country! I hope all of you get a chance to experience what I did at next year’s Urban Winter Fest!

The rest of the season is still alive! Our trips are running quite full, so don’t miss out! Come on out and enjoy the beauty of the mountains!

Jane Gutierrez
Your President