As you are reading this message, we are already in the month of March! The year is quickly moving, and we are more than half way through the ski season. There are only a few mountain trips left, and I hope that you have joined us on at least one event.

I would like to remind everyone to always keep safety in mind when you are involved in this sport. Although we are having a great time, injuries still occur and you must be prepared just in case.

Here are some tidbits to keep in mind:
– Keep your body hydrated. Water is the best “lubricant”.
– Remember to stretch before and after your physical event. Continue to exercise in some form in between your mountain days.
– Dress appropriately for the weather.
– Keep your body fueled with the proper nutrients.
– When riding in groups, it’s best not to be too close together. I’ve had many collisions because someone did not see me and clipped my skis! Let the speed demons go first. Watch the slower people in front of you. If your group stops, each person should stop below the one who is higher up in case someone slips and falls. Don’t stop in the middle of the mountain because someone may run into you. The side of the mountain is an ideal place to rest.
– If you feel dizzy, take a break. The altitude may be affecting you. Continue to stay hydrated.
– Remember to have identification on you, including your insurance card. Injuries are not common but they do occur.

Finally, if you have an injury, please follow the Dr.’s orders! Injuries may become worse if ignored. Let’s be safe and have fun!

Jane Gutierrez
Your President