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As many of you are aware, I am a pediatric nurse in a large metropolitan hospital. Last month our unit was shocked to discover that the husband of one of our charge nurses was emergently admitted to a hospital in their area for a heart attack. He underwent a procedure and is at home progressing well.

Last week as I came in to work, everyone was buzzing about one of our nurses who felt “faint”. Upon more observation, our transport team quickly whisked him down to the emergency room, then transported him to another hospital to admit him for guess what? He also had a heart attack. Fortunately after a couple of days, he was sent home under observation but it’s not over.

Both of these gentlemen and their families had a wake up call. These gentlemen are only in their 40’s! The stress of work and family life has caused them to lose focus on their eating, their exercise, and themselves.

While this is a personal issue occurring at my job, I want you to be aware that even health care workers can forget that we all have to take care of ourselves or we cannot take care of others. This is one of the reasons why I do what I do as President of this organization. Part of my goals is to enlighten you to many of the “physical” activities that we do to keep you healthy. Activity and socialization has been researched to truly be factors in longevity, and Four Seasons provides that for you. We bike, we hike, we walk for charity, and the list goes on and on! Come, join us, and let’s have some fun. Let’s also keep living!

Jane Gutierrez
Your President



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