Mother Nature expressed herself in unusual ways this winter season. Ms. Nature acquired a new boyfriend this year—Global warming! With all of the “dating” that Ms. Nature did, she neglected some of her duties: rain and snow. Because of her actions, our winter season was cut quite short, and unfortunately our White Water Rafting trip was cancelled.

Spring Time

While 4SW was surprised at Ms. Nature’s actions, we are not deterred. Until she drops her negative influence, we will continue to provide fun and interesting events for you to participate in. Spring brings in a multitude of activities. Bike riding comes into play with beach rides and long lunches. For the more adventurous, mountain biking with beautiful scenery and a dash of excitement is enjoyed. Charity walks begin. Hiking starts with short episodes into the mountains, gradually developing into longer, but enjoyable hours of fun. Happy hours begin with great drinks and food, as well as camaraderie. Where can you enjoy all of these events?? Right here in your back yard with the help of 4SW. Check out the newsletter, Facebook, and Meet Up for upcoming events, and we are sure to keep you occupied. And while we enjoy the spring season, perhaps Mother Nature will come to her senses and dump Global warming!

Jane Gutierrez
Your President


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